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  • Raw Mill Fan
  • Kiln ID Fan
  • Raw Mill EP Fan
  • Cement Mill Fan
  • Recirculation Fan for Cement Separator
  • Induced Draft Fan
  • Dedusting Fan Behind Filter
  • Kiln Bypass Fan
  • Coal Mill Fan
  • Cooler EP Fan
  • Kiln/Mill Baghouse Filter Fan
  • Preheater ID Fan
  • Booster Fan


  • Glass Level Gauges
  • Magnetic Level Gauges


  • Combustion equipment: Oil, Gas, Dual fire (Oil & Gas)

             GEARS & BEARINGS

  • Bevel Gear for High Speed Applications
  • Thrust Bearings for Gearboxes
  • Drum Brake for Crane Drives
  • Slide Bearings for Gearboxes
  • Couplings for High Speed Applications
  • Gear Set for Bowl Mill Drive
  • Thrust Bearings for Bowl Mill Drive
  • Gear Set for Cold Mill Drive
  • Gear & Bearing Sets for High Speed Drives
  • Pedestal Bearing for Kiln Drive
  • Gear Couplings for HD Drives
  • Spur Gear for Kiln Drive


  • All types of Valves (including Needle & Globe Valves)
  • All Industrial Pipes & Fittings
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